proudly presents an original dinner theatre production

Who Deck'd the Halls Out?

With Ratings THIS HIGH, They Can get away with Anything.

The Uppity Improv Society invites you to join us for our annual Comedy Christmas Extravaganza.

Kick off the Holiday Season with a night out, Full of excitement, comedy, great food and fun! 



Friday December 1st - The Brockville Country Club

 Saturday December 2nd - The Maitland "MERC" Hall 



Who are the Halls?

Rudy and Holly Hall are behind the times television stars of a specialty home and garden channel.

Their show is about to be cancelled, and someone keeps causing them great bodily harm.


Who is responsible?

Is it old timey radio announcer Donny "DC" Cannelloni?

Is it the young hot YouTube house flipping stars of "The Property Cousins" -  Mack & Nikolai Trolling?

Is it the "Cousins" split personality stage mom, Carole Trolling?

Maybe the sexy network station manager, Lala, has it in for the Halls?


Don't worry if you can't guess just yet. As usual, barrister Nigel Lingleston is on the scene. But he can never be trusted!



Get a table together and get out of the house for a night. You deserve it! C'mon - we need to keep the ratings high!



Warning: Contact with the Uppity Improv Society may cause laugh lines.   Long, beautiful laugh lines. 


What is the Uppity Improv Society?


Driven by audience suggestions, we create a fast paced comedy show right before your weeping eyes!

Murder Mysteries

Completely Custom created comedic Murder Mysteries that weave local, international and policital themes of into a thrilling laugh packed Who Dunnit.



Want to unlease your inner funny? You'll come for the training and leave with an unexpected pack of hilarious stories that YOU HELPED TO CREATE!