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Our 2019 Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre 

Big Trouble in Little Tunnel Town

Be Careful What You Axe For

Summer and Fall 2019


The Uppities are back with a brand new hilarious Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Big Trouble in Little Tunnel Town.  This time you'll be transported just a few months into the future, to a catered press conference right here in Downtown Brockville.  The city has been basking in unparalled world wide attention and recognition due to the magnificently renovated Railway Tunnel.  Now there's a handsome, fast talking businessman in town who promises to pick up where the tunnel left off.  He's offering the city a brand new (and no cost to the taxpayers) solution for Phase 2, The North End of the Tunnel project. 


Plus, he's making big promises of paying off all debt, increasing employment, reducing taxes and even... a plan for World Peace.


Join the fun and be part of the action at the big announcement.

Can it be for real, or is it all be too good to be true? 

Join our exciting mix of characters, hear the details of this amazing plan and feel free to either support or oppose the project. 


Warning: Tempers may flare.  There could be trouble. And you will have a great deal of fun!


Show dates, times and locations to be announced.


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